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NS Women's Team Seeding

Please note, only teams which have registered for CTRS will be listed below as Nova Scotia has adopted the CTRS points system as their provincial ranking system.

View 2015-16 Season
Rank Team Total Points Details
1. Team Mary-Anne Arsenault 0.0000 DETAILS
2. Team Coralie Ayre
0.0000 DETAILS
3. Team Theresa Breen
0.0000 DETAILS
4. Team Kristin Clarke
0.0000 DETAILS
5. Team Calissa Daly
0.0000 DETAILS
6. Team Kristen MacDiarmid
0.0000 DETAILS
7. Team Mary Mattatall
0.0000 DETAILS
8. Team Julie McEvoy
0.0000 DETAILS

(As of 24-AUG-16)

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