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Ice Technicians

Ice Technicians

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The CCA Ice Technician Program is a five level program. The first three levels of the program are designed to assist the Ice Technician to make excellent ice in the curling clubs. Level 4 and 5 focus on ice making in arenas for major competitions.

Level 1
Level 1 is a two day program that is open to Ice Technicians, curling club ice chairmen, volunteers and curlers, The 2 day program has a broad prospective with a focus on ice maintenance in the curling club. The course is a mix of theory and practical experienced.

Level 2
Level 2 is a three day program, usually held in the summer or early fall. The Level 2 Course is designed for the Ice Technician who has two to three years of experience and has completed the Level 1 Course. Level 2 focuses on the installation of curling ice and advanced information on ice maintenance. This course is very much a hands on course. There is greater emphasis placed on practical components.

Level 3
Level 3 is a four day program, designed for the experienced Ice Technician, who has completed the Level 2 Course. The Level 3 Course has a broad technical prospective with a strong refrigeration component. The course is a mix of theory and the practical completion of an audit of a curling club.

Level 4
The Level 4 Program is conducted by the Canadian Curling Association. Level 4 Ice Technicians have successfully completed their level 3 course. Level 4 Ice Techs are appointed by the CCA, in cooperation and supported by the provincial/territorial governing body. The highly personalized program focuses on making ice in arenas.

Level 5
Level 5 Ice Techs are accomplished arena ice makers.


(This article is taken from the CCA Curling Club Operations Manual- Chapter F)

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