NS Women's Team Seeding

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Please note, only teams which have registered for CTRS will be listed below as Nova Scotia has adopted the CTRS points system as their provincial ranking system.

Rank Team Total Points Details
1. Team Christie Gamble 0.00 DETAILS
2. Team Colleen Jones 0.00 DETAILS
3. Team Colleen Pinkney 0.00 DETAILS
4. Team Emily Dwyer 0.00 DETAILS
5. Team Jill Brothers 0.00 DETAILS
6. Team Jocelyn Nix 0.00 DETAILS
7. Team Kristen MacDiarmid 0.00 DETAILS
8. Team Marg Cutcliffe 0.00 DETAILS
9. Team Mary-Anne Arsenault 0.00 DETAILS
10. Team Nancy McConnery 0.00 DETAILS
11. Team Sheena Moore 0.00 DETAILS
12. Team Tanya Phillips 0.00 DETAILS
13. Team Theresa Breen 0.00 DETAILS

(As of 27-AUG-15)

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