Team Rosters(6).

Sophie Blade
Katherine Weissent
Alexis Cluney
Ava Cassell
Cassidy Blades
Trevor Weissent
Lakeshore Curling Club

Karen Cowie
Liverpool Curling Club
Maria Fitzgerald
Laine Christie
Claire Culinan
Molly Mcavoy

Jeff Fitzgerald
Mayflower Curling Club

Karen Cowie
Keith Langlois
Nathan Gray
William Carruthers
Cameron Lusby

Karen Langlois
Mayflower Curling Club
Brian Young
Nicholas Kinley
Galen Shea
Josh MacNeil

Raland Kinley
Mayflower Curling Club

About Nova Scotia Curling Association

The Nova Scotia Curling Association is dedicated to the administration, promotion, development and coordination of the sport of curling in Nova Scotia.