Career Highlights

  • 2 time Maritime Masters Women’s Champion
  • 4 time NS Senior Women’s Champion
  • 3 time NS Women’s Masters Champion
  • 2 time NS Intermediate Women’s Champion
  • 1 time NS Women’s Club Champion
  • 1 time NS Senior Mixed Champion



The age old saying “you’re not getting older, you’re getting better” definitely applies to our 2014 NS Curling Hall of Fame nominee: Yvonne Martin.

Yvonne has an impressive on ice resume; capturing 11 provincial and 2 maritime titles. Twice winning the NS Senior and Masters in the same season.
During the period of 1999 – 2004 Yvonne captured at least 1 provincial title in each but one season. Winning 6 championships during that stretch.

Her competitiveness and business like approach on the ice has set her apart from her peers. She has been able to perform season after season because of her dedication to on ice practice seeking to continuously improve her game.

She has always been a great tactician. Her understanding of the “moment”; the score, the end, the situation and her confidence that everything being equal she will always have a chance to win.

During the 2004 Masters with the score tied entering the final end, it was suggested that she might be in trouble and the momentum was not on her side; Yvonne responded “it’s OK I’ve got the hammer” as if there was no problem winning because SHE had the last rock. You know what, she won that game.

Despite her competitiveness, Yvonne wins with class. And maybe the more important thing we can all learn from Yvonne is how to accept defeat with class.

Her last provincial title, to date, was in 2009. Where she captured the first the Dominion Club Curling Championship with her Glooscap club mates, earning the right to be the first team NS at the national level.

Off the ice Yvonne is full of verse and song to the enjoyment of all. She tells amazing stories, filling the clubhouse with laughter. And every once in a while she’ll bring out her ukulele and lead the room in song.

Yvonne has always been and still is a very active in her home club, Glooscap. Volunteering her time to do whatever the club needs her to do.

Yvonne is certainly a pillar of strength and an ambassador for the game. She is a mentor to many of today’s champions.

Please join me as we induct into the NS Curling Hall of Fame, one of the heroes of our game; Yvonne Martin.


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