Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The Nova Scotia Curling Association is dedicated to the administration, promotion, development and coordination of the sport of curling in Nova Scotia.

Vision Statement

That curling in Nova Scotia – from the grassroots to the highest levels – be strong and vibrant. That Curling Clubs and Associations work together to offer participation opportunities for all residents of their communities. These opportunities will allow for a cross section of recreational through competitive play. Furthermore, the management practices of clubs and the NSCA will parallel those of successful businesses by always keeping the best interest of curlers in mind.

Fundamental Values

  1. To ensure all individuals, regardless of gender, age or ability have an opportunity to participate in the sport of curling.
  2. To meet the needs of all clubs and competitors, respecting difference of opinion.
  3. To ensure all curling programs and clubs practice the elements of fair play and safety for competitors, members, and spectators.
  4. To be curler centered.
  5. To ensure the sport of curling is developed by qualified leaders and structured to provide leadership.
  6. To ensure effective organization with collaboration and accountability.
  7. To contribute to quality of community life.

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