Ice Tech Certification Levels

Assistant Curling Ice Technician

An Assistant Curling Ice Technician (ACIT) is a person who has been trained in the basic duties

of Curling Ice Maintenance, who works under the guidance of a Certified Curling Ice Technician

An ACIT is often a volunteer or young person who is passionate about helping in their curling


Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this one-day workshop the Assistant Curling Ice Technician will be “Trained
Assistant Curling Ice Technician.”
Assistant Curling Ice Technicians will be trained in job functions required for daily maintenance
of a dedicated curling facility. Training will include:

● Adhering to Safety Guidelines

● Cleaning/Housekeeping

● Scraping

● Pebbling

● Nipping

● Temperature Monitoring

● Opening and Closing Procedures

● Draw Change Procedures

● Basic Troubleshooting

Curling Ice Technician – Trained

Curling Canada recognizes the importance of continued education of Ice Technicians

everywhere to provide quality conditions for Canadian Curlers of all levels.

● The Curling Ice Technician Program provides comprehensive skills to any aspiring ice


● The courses are intended to teach those new to the industry looking for a career in ice


● The purpose of the program is to upgrade the day-to-day skills of ice technicians with

ongoing education opportunities.

● In-person workshops will take place both on ice and classroom settings with sessions by

instructors and industry professionals.

Topics will include:
● Getting Started
● Plant Room Safety
● Basics of Refrigeration
● Floors
● Pebbling and Scraping
● Water
● Rocks

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this workshop, Trained CIT’s should be familiar with:
● What makes “good ice”
● Curling Centre Safety
● Refrigeration plant operation and safety
● Water quality
● Floors
● Installation and removal
● Pebbling & Scraping
● Paint/logo techniques
● Stone maintenance
● Managing environmental conditions
● Daily Maintenance

Curling Ice Technician – Certified

Next Steps:

Following successful completion of the Curling Ice Technician Workshop, to become a Certified

Curling Ice Technician, Ice Tech’s must:

● Online Examination

● Safe Sport |

● Successful in-person or video evaluation

Competition Ice Technician Stream

Competition Ice Technician

Chief/Deputy Ice Technician

Curling Canada organizes education for the Competition Ice Technician Program. Please reach

out to to find out more about upcoming opportunities.

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