Free Agent Listing

The Nova Scotia Curling Association has created a Free Agent Page to assist junior individuals and junior teams with connecting with each other.

All listings for athletes age 18 or younger must be made by their legal parent/guardian with only the contact information of the parent/guardian being posted.

The NSCA will simply post the information provided on the Free Agents Listing forms and will not be involved any further.

All listings will remain posted until you contact Andrew ([email protected]) to remove the listing. Otherwise, all postings will be removed at the end of the next full curling season.

Click on the links below for the the appropriate form – Andrew will update the postings every 72 hours.


Player Looking for Team


Team Looking for Player or Coach


Players Looking for Teams


AthleteAge ContactEmail AddressBirthdate
GenderHome ClubYears
Willing to
General Comments
Sam Conrad13Cathy Conrad[email protected]06/05MaleCFB Halifax4U13AnyYes
Larissa Giles15Mary Giles[email protected]01/03FemaleCFB Halifax7U18Second or ThirdYes
Kenneth Gwynne-Timothy14John Gwynne-Timothy[email protected]12/03MaleMayflower2U15Lead or SecondYes
Katie Cruikshank12Heather Cruikshank[email protected]11/05FemaleDartmouth2U13AnyYesWould like a team based out of Dartmouth with occasional bonspiel play.
Jack Hayes15Gail Hayes[email protected]12/02MaleMayflower8U18ThirdYesLooking for a placement on a competitive U18 team.
Eric Wilson16Gina Wilson[email protected]03/02MaleDartmouth7U18AnyYesLooking to join a competitive team
Connor Smith13Kevin Smith[email protected]12/04MaleCFB Halifax6U15Skip or ThirdYes
Brett Carter11Michelle Carter[email protected]11/06MaleMayflower4U13AnyYes
Beth Wotton13Kim Wotton[email protected]04/05FemaleDartmouth2U13AnyYes
Andrew Lawrence18Andrew Lawrence[email protected]11/99MaleWindsor13U21AnyYesLooking for a A competitive team to go to juniors.


Teams Looking for Players or Coaches


Team NameTeam ContactEmail AddressHome Club# of Years
Additional Details
SmithDebbie Smith[email protected]Mayflower2LeadU18Looking for someone who is dedicated and wants to succeed and play as much as possible.

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