Registration is easier this year!!  Click on the 2022-23 NS Curling Calendar of Events and Registration and you will see all our events listed.  Find the one you are looking for and click on the Men/Women on the far right.  That takes you directly to the registration page. As always, ensure you have read the rules for your event to ensure your team is eligible.  Good curling!
Just in..November 28, 2022…Nova Scotia will be able to send two Women’s and two Men’s teams to the Canadian U18 in 2023!  Thank you to Team Mosher, MacIsaac, S. Blades and M. Callaghan.  Their performance and podium placement at last year’s Canadian put NS in contention for the extra spots.

2022-23 NS Curling Calendar of Events and Registration

2022-2023 Championship Rules

Three Interim Board Positions Available Click Here to Find Out More!

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